should homebuyers spring for home inspection

Should Home Buyers Spring for a Home Inspection?

If you are like most home buyers, the costs of the home-buying process are starting to feel as if they will never end. You may wish to cut corners in some areas to save a little money. Don’t let the home inspection be one of these.

Here’s why a quality home inspector is crucial for any home buyer:

What the Home Inspection Does for Your Peace of Mind

The home inspection gives you a visual examination of the physical structure of the home and all of its systems. Starting at the roof and working to the basement, crawl space, or foundation, you will receive a full report on the condition of your home.

For the average home buyer, this provides confidence and peace of mind. In fact, in 2012, the American Society of Home Inspectors reported that 88 percent of buyers say home inspections increase their confidence about the property’s condition.

The Need for Home Inspection Regardless of Proper Age

No matter how good a home looks, even if it is a new construction home, it may have hidden problems. Your home inspector is trained to look at all major home components to ensure they are fully functional and without flaws. No matter how costly the process is, you need to follow through because failing can bring serious consequences.

A licensed home inspector will give you proof of any flaws or problems with the home.

This allows you to:

  • Negotiate a new purchase price to address these problems.
  • Walk away from the home purchase without penalty.
  • Know precisely what you are buying.

Whether you choose to move forward with the purchase or walk away, you will do so with confidence, knowing that you have received a complete, professional overview of the property’s condition from someone who knows exactly what to look for.

So, what’s the bottom line about home inspections?

The bottom line is that a home inspection will protect you.

That hidden plumbing leak or faulty air conditioner could cost thousands of dollars, which is your responsibility when you close on the property. The home inspection will alert you to these potential problems.

Finding the Right Home Inspector May Be As Simple As Asking Your Agent

The quality of your home’s inspection is only as good as the home inspector you hire.

Partner with a real estate professional and ask for a list of references of qualified, professional home inspectors in the area who have earned a reputation for honesty and integrity.

We believe the home inspection process is a crucial part of home buying, and you should seek professional help with this step.