Real Estate Technology: Keeping Up?

Real Estate Technology: Are You Keeping Up?

Every savvy real estate agent understands that adopting the most current technology is one critical cornerstone of success in the modern real estate market. The sharpest agents know that modern technology is as much a moving target as their clients are.

Once, and not so long ago, a real estate broker’s website was the key to reaching prospective property buyers and sellers, but — while still valid — that is not nearly as important now.

The combination of new technology and prospective clients’ demand for new and increasingly functional technology drive the way realtors do business.

And while real estate agents generally place themselves at their clients’ service, staying in lockstep with each digital innovation available for their tech-savvy property buyers and sellers now seems more critical.

The right software can help speed up real estate transactions and keep everyone involved happy… Here are a few modern takes on the age-old business of real estate:

Digital Signature Solutions

Given that buying and selling properties often involves a move to or from a new location — and sometimes before each client finds a buyer or the right home — providing an effective and reliable software package to facilitate digital signature solutions will make clients take notice.

Online Real Estate Industry Forms

Forms such as real estate agreements available via a mobile app or the real estate agent’s website that clients can work on digitally will offer more convenience and better legibility, so everyone involved benefits from this advancement. Appraisal forms and closing documents are additional forms that could expedite the property buying and selling process.

Smartphone-Based Home Listing Services

Many realtors now rely on smartphones for most of their business since they are often away from their desks. One exciting solution is to build mobile lead generation and automated property solutions to serve real estate brokerages and their sales teams to reach new clients and keep them continually informed about critical properties and buyers.

Online Marketplaces That Connect Buyers and Agents

Once all the players have connected for this crucial part of the home-buying process, hopeful home buyers can find out whether they qualify for a loan instantly while also finding solutions to ease the financial burden of buying a home.

Virtual Reality Home Tours

Distance-based home buyers can get a more in-depth view of a prospective home with a 3D home tour. notes that this tour will give prospective buyers a true sense of the property. While some aspects of realty remain static and relatively predictable for realtors, such as the basic premise of selling a property to an interested buyer, many other features change rapidly.

Intelligent, successful real estate agents will have no trouble staying up-to-date as long as they listen to their client’s demands and can communicate in a way clients understand…