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How to Sell a House: 2019 Housing Market Prediction

So, you have finally decided to sell your house. With market conditions as they are, this can end as a huge success or disaster. A successful sale depends on making the home appealing to the local housing market. Here are the main steps for you to do so.

Time Listing Your Home for Sale

The impulse to sell your house might be reasonably strong sometimes, mainly if you are in a hurry. Remember, to make the most of this investment, you must find the right time for it – and ensure you have enough time to do so.

The actual period it takes to sell your house might vary based on several factors. It may depend on the current market, the state of your home, and your ability to reach out to potential buyers. These preparations can be lengthy, so make sure you allocate enough time.

The season is also significant – but not as much as many people seem to believe.

For example, Gary Malin, a real estate broker and president of Citi Habitats, claims, “In the end, you can never perfectly time a market and circumstances – ideally, spring and fall would be helpful, but if not, I wouldn’t worry about it so much.” As such, it is the attention to the details of your home that matter the most.

Fix Any Known Issues for the Buyer

The more apparent problems a house has, the more it will take to sell – and the more its final sales price will drop. To get it off the housing market at a favorable price, you must make your house look its best – even if you may have to make additional investments.

Know the Property’s Selling Points

You must know its selling point if you want to get your home off the housing market as early as possible. What exactly makes your house stand out compared to the others?

Indeed, every home is unique, but what makes this one more desirable? Is it placed in a good location? Does it have a unique feature that might attract buyers? Use these selling points to advertise your house.

Always Work with the Best Real Estate Agent

You might think you’ll be able to sell your home by only posting an ad in a newspaper (or some similar method), but it will not be this easy. However, an excellent real estate agent will know exactly where to look for buyers so your house is listed reasonably. We should take advantage of a potential recession breathing down our necks.

Offer the Property for a Reasonable Price

You might be tempted to ask for a high sales price. However, if the amount is unreasonable, it will likely stay on the market forever. Also, the longer it sits on the market, the more it will scare away potential buyers. Each month that the house remains unsold, more money will go to the realtor – and your profits from selling the home might be even smaller than if you went for a lower price.

Final Housing Market Thoughts

Understanding the local housing market is essential if you want to sell your house at a reasonable price. Not only do you have to figure out the right time, but you should also put yourself in the mind of the buyer: if you were them, would you have bought the house?

Set your parameters with those thoughts in mind.