How-to Be the Best Client for Your Real Estate Agent

How to Be the Best Client for Your Real Estate Agent

There is plenty of advice out there about selecting the right real estate agent… but how to ensure that home buyers and sellers act like proper clients?

These tips help buyers and sellers keep the best real estate agents in the area once they’ve snagged their services.

Do Homework to get up to speed with your Agent

Many people contract with a realtor because they want the benefit of an expert. A 2015 National Association of Realtors report revealed that 87 percent of home buyers used an agent or broker for the purchase.

However helpful a real estate agent can be during the buying or selling process, there is no substitute for being able to make an educated decision.

Real estate agents often rely on their clients to complete due diligence research to understand certain details of the buying or selling transaction, including:

  • applying for mortgages
  • making necessary home improvements
  • arranging for a home inspection or appraisal

In general, agents are more than happy to advise, guide, and even instruct. However, they want to know that a conscious being is receiving and processing the information they have to share.

Stay Engaged with Your Agent

At times, buying or selling a home is not particularly exciting. In some instances, it may be not very interesting. This is where homeowners or home buyers can pleasantly surprise an agent by remaining interested and engaged.

Agents like to hear regularly from their clients about homes in the area they want to see or to discuss ideas that sellers have to boost their sales price or make their homes more attractive. People who are motivated will encourage a broker to keep actively working for them, even during a lull in the action.

Be Professional, like an Agent

Some people have a very casual attitude about interacting with others. This may be fine for informal environments, but clients do best when they remember that their relationship with their real estate agents is professional.

Discussions should be kept friendly but not overly informal.

Professionalism also calls for regular communication about client expectations, which should be made clear from the outset. Agents are savvy and have a great deal of expertise in real estate, but they are not clairvoyant.

When clients take the time to create a good working relationship from the beginning, they will get better service.

It takes some research to find the right real estate agent.

It also takes work to be a good client.

People who want to have a great experience buying or selling a home need to invest the time to do their Homework, stay engaged in the process, and maintain a professional attitude toward their interactions with their real estate agents. This sets them up for greater satisfaction with the time spent and a successful conclusion to the transaction.