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10 Magic Ways to Make Your Home More Marketable

Forget about sinking money into a major renovation that won't pay off at the closing table. Here we share the following 10 magical ways to...

6 Sneaky Strategies to Sell Super Fast

The secret to selling your home fast is to get interested buyers vested in your home. Vested means that the interested buyer will have a...

Selling Your Home: How-to Compete With New Construction

By doing your research, putting your home in its best condition and making your offer appealing to buyers, you can sell your existing home in no time.

Time-tested Tips: Working with Realtors

When selling your home or property, one of your most important goals is to find the right real estate agent. Aggressive agents and sellers who...

Absolute Best Time of Year to List Homes for Sale

One question that many home sellers ask is, “When is the best time of year to list my home for sale?” The national housing market...

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