6 Sneaky Strategies to Sell Your Home Super Fast

6 Sneaky Strategies to Sell a Home Super Fast

The secret to selling your home fast is to get buyers vested in your home.

Vested means that the interested buyer will have a personal interest—and emotional connection to—your home.

To achieve that, there are six sneaky tactics you can employ. These tactics will help potential buyers see your home as a place to actualize their dreams.

They will visit your home as the ideal place where they can raise successful children, build businesses, and see their dreams fulfilled.

1. Entice Them With Scent

The smell is the scent most closely associated with memory.

Load their sensory memories with scent to make your home stand out among the many your buyers have seen that day.

The kitchen is where all the cooking goes on in the house, so let your buyers imagine how many homemade goodies they can concoct in your chef’s kitchen.

Before they visit, bake up some chocolate chip cookies, fry some bacon, or slow-cook a roast, according to your preference. Any of these will make them want to stay for supper.

2. Leave Lifestyle Clues

Leave subtle clues as to what their lifestyle might be like living in your home.

Cookbooks in the kitchen, slippers, newspapers in the living room, and freshly bought lingerie neatly laid out on the bed give buyers a sense of what it must be like to be you.

Remember that you are selling a lifestyle as much as a house.

A stack of carefully displayed magazines related to country or city living can do as much for your home sale as anything else.

3. Orchestrate Some Competition

There’s nothing wrong with instilling a sense of urgency in potential buyers.

On the day of their showing, arrange some healthy competition by having some interested buyers show up a few minutes later.

Let them make your buyers feel a little pressure to make an offer or risk losing the house to someone else.

4. Show Off the Neighbors

If you’ve lived in the neighborhood for any time, your neighbors undoubtedly know you’re moving. Invite them to stop by unannounced to show how saddened they are to see that you are moving.

Let buyers see how they are not so much as buying into a house as buying into a sense of community.

When they see how much other neighbors care that you are moving, they will feel compelled to join the community environment that is your neighborhood.

5. Let them Know You are Serious

Are you getting a divorce?

Let potential home buyers know! Leave a few empty lawyer envelopes on the kitchen counter, and they will get the idea.

All is fair in love and war.

Are you transferring out of town for work?

A few properly placed half-packed boxes will paint the perfect picture that you mean business about getting out of Dodge.

6. Price it Right

The best way to sell your home quickly is to list it at the right price.

Please leave it to the professionals. Contacting a local real estate agent can help reduce the time your home is on the market and expedite sales.

Remain rational when selling your home.

Begin with the end in mind and plan to accept an offer in a certain number of days at a predetermined price based on local market data.

This helps speed up the sales cycle and provides a clear path for buyers to take to purchase your home.