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Sellers Embrace Real Estate Video Power

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There is no denying the power of images in real estate marketing.  Photographs have long been a powerful tool for home sellers and realtors to extend a warm and layered introduction to a property.

Images provide a snapshot of a home’s basic layout, design and style, while a real estate video allows the seller to seamlessly communicate the home’s dimension, scale and a sense of movement.

Add a warm, welcoming and informative narration to the video, and you will instantly find common ground with the majority of the modern real estate market.

Reach Your Market With High-Quality Informative Video

Prospective home buyers want to know the property’s history and its story, quickly and succinctly.

Thanks to modern home buyers’ nearly constant access to the high-speed Internet via their laptop, smartphone or tablet, and you will start to understand the potential scope and reach that video offers you.

Since many modern home buyers are master multi-taskers, you will find that the use of video lets you tap into a frequently, yet briefly, captive audience.

Imagine drivers who can’t stop to read the description of a property you have just emailed to them as they drive; however, once they come to a stop light or find themselves trapped in deadlocked traffic, your carefully crafted video post is a welcome distraction and might just give them all the information they need to set an appointment for a viewing.

What Buyers Want to See on Your Real Estate Video

Home buyers want to feel an instant connection with the home they are viewing.  The best way you can help them make such a connection is through sending the right videos to the right home buyers, using the right message.

It’s easier than it sounds.

  • Use strategic staging to show the home in the best possible light
  • Provide your viewers with high-quality video production
  • Create a strong script relaying the property’s history and its unique story
  • Include full interior and exterior shots, with a scan of the neighborhood.

If the home’s area has beautiful parks or other attractive features, it doesn’t hurt to capture those spotlights and use them as introductory establishing shots to showcase and promote the home and its surrounding areas more prominently.

One more feature you might add to your video is a transcription — placed in the description area beneath the video — so home buyers can easily find details they might have missed while listening, or they can share the written details with their home buying partner.

Since some clients still prefer the written medium, it helps to make sure you cover all your bases and satisfy all possible people involved in purchasing the home.

Where Should You Place Your Property Marketing Video?

The short answer to this question is: Anywhere you can.

The realistic answer involves no spam and will garner far more attention and positive results.

Place your well-produced property video on your realtor’s website that you use as your video link when you send emails and text messages to your clients.

Additionally, create a page for your real estate agency, or even post it only on your own realtor’s page if the agency has not fully adopted digital video as a marketing tool, and set it to accept subscribers.

You can place all videos of your current listings on your page and let the videos and let them roll from one to the next.

This feature might expose your clients to a property they — or you —  hadn’t considered for them before.

Embrace Videos as a Tool to Make Marketing Easier for You

While it may seem like a lot of extra work at first, you will soon find that embracing videos helps everyone speak a common language, helping everyone meet their goals more quickly.

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