5 Secrets of the Stage: Sell Your Home Fast

5 Secrets of the Stage: How-to Sell Your Home Fast
Looking for secrets to sell your home fast? Try these 5 staging techniques to put some snap in your sale.

Staging a home refers to making it inviting and beautiful for potential buyers.

In many ways, staging a home is similar to creating a set for a beautiful play or movie – the script being one where a buyer comes through the door, feels at home and buys your house.

Here are five secrets stolen from the stage that will help you sell your home quickly:

1. Clearly Define Each Room

A set has clearly defined spaces, even if many different scenes are pictured on one stage.

When staging your home, think of it in terms of a movie set. You need to define each space. This means removing the toys that are in the media room and the exercise equipment that has migrated into the dining room.

Make sure each space is clearly shown for its primary purpose.

2. Make Clear Paths

Actors need a clear way to navigate the stage, and a buyer also needs to have a clear path inside your home.

  • Is the walk from the living room to the master suite clear and easy to maneuver?
  • Can you effortlessly walk from the dining room into the kitchen?

Arrange your furnishings so that the home has clear paths through which the potential buyer is moved through the home. These lines give the space “flow,” which contributes to a warm, inviting feeling that can help the buyer feel “at home” in your home.

3. Use Color to Draw Attention

A stage set will use color to draw the eye to the important features.

Certain colors, like reds and yellows, draw immediate attention. These colors should be placed in areas you wish to highlight. For those areas you wish to draw attention away from, use colors like blues and greens that deflect attention.

4. Lighten the Space

No play could be put on without proper lighting, and the same is true for staging a home. Your home’s lighting plays an important role in making it feel inviting.

  • First, draw attention to natural light whenever possible. Window coverings that are attractive yet allow light in are an essential part of this process.
  • Then, make sure all areas of the home are lit with lamps and overhead lighting, adding lighting to dark corners to make them shine.

When leaving the home for a showing, turn on the lights, even if the natural light is streaming in. Your goal should be to have 100 watts of warm light for every 50 square feet in your home.

5. Make an Entrance

If your home is a stage, the entrance is the most important part of the showing. Make it inviting, and use color and potted plants to draw the eye to the front door.

Ensure that the first things the eye is drawn to inside the front door are appealing. The buyers who see your home should feel “at home” from the moment they pull in the driveway and open the front door.

Remember, the goal of staging your home is to make the buyer feel comfortable, like the star actor on a beautiful set.

With these tips, you can set the stage for a great showing and a fast sale.

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