Get Pet Friendly or Find Another Home


If you are making the leap from apartment or condominium to buying your first home, you might wonder how to find a warm and welcoming community for your beloved canine, cat, cockatoo or clownfish.

Finding the right community that fosters a love for your domestic animals is as healthy for you as it is for your pets.

Thanks to passionate pet owners who have forged the path before you, we have managed to gather several tips to make the process of finding the most favorable living conditions possible for your nonhuman companions, to avoid stress and worry for everyone involved.

Use the following 4 tips to go pet friendly, or take your search elsewhere:

1. Search for Pet Friendly Real Estate Agents.

Working with a realtor who understands and sympathizes with your affection for your pet helps you feel confident that they will do their best to make sure you know all the specifics about your preferred neighborhood.

Most of the time, when you do a focused search for a pet friendly realtor, you won’t have a problem finding someone on board with your concerns. These specialized pet friendly real estate agents will already have notes on areas that interest you most, along with certain areas to avoid.

2. Prepare to Make Concessions and Compromises.

If you find out that the historic area where you have longed to live for years does not have a favorable view of owning pets, you might have to weigh all of your options. Try talking to neighbors while touring a home to gauge how much discomfort you might feel bringing your beloved pet to the community.

Years of discomfort for you and your pet are probably not worth any type of home, neighborhood or specialized features. Trust that you will find the right home in the right neighborhood if you keep searching, staying true to yourself and your pet.

3. Check Local Pet Rules and Regulations.

Even though you will own your home, many cities have ordinances, rules and regulations in place for any possible health and safety concerns animals might pose.

The most common rules and regulations include leash laws and cleaning up after pets’ waste during walks. Strict rules and regulations come into play more often if you own an exotic animal of any kind. Also keep in mind that many areas have a restriction on the number of standard family pets allowed in a single dwelling.

4. Scope Out the Area for Dog Parks and Other Pet Friendly Zones.

Buying your own home in the right neighborhood can give you greater freedom to ensure your furry, feathered or finned family member feels as comfortable and safe as possible.

Before you visit a neighborhood, search online to ensure the area features local dog parks where you and your furry friend can commune with like-minded individuals.

Include these 4 pet friendly steps into your home buying search, toss in any creative ideas you come up to address your own specific situation, and there is no doubt you and your animal family members will find the perfect place to call home.

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