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Are you ready to start looking at homes for sale? A seasoned real estate buyer’s agent can be a crucial part of the process. Here’s what you can expect from a buyer’s agent while shopping for property.

Understanding What Buyer’s Agents Do

  • Your real estate agent’s job is to help you find a home.
  • This begins with taking the time to understand your wants and needs in a home and neighborhood, then moves to finding homes and presenting them to you.
  • Your agent will be available to open homes for you to tour so you can decide if they are a good fit for your needs.
  • A buyer’s agent will also handle the paperwork and help explain what contracts mean as you make the decision to put in an offer and move forward with the purchase of a home.

Understand What Buyer’s Agents Do Not Do

Your buyer’s agent is a valuable source of information about the local area, the home you are looking at and the real estate process, but your agent cannot make the decision for you.

Ethically, agents cannot tell you which schools or neighborhoods are “the best” in the area.

Researching schools, crime statistics and neighborhood safety is something you need to do on your own.

These rules, which licensed real estate agents must follow under the Fair Housing Act, help protect the integrity of the sale and prevent discrimination based on familial status, race, sex, religion, national origin and handicap.

Consistent Communication Starts with the Real Estate Professional

Throughout the home buying process as you search homes for sale, you will expect a level of communication from your real estate agent.

It’s important to be realistic in this expectation.

Your agent is likely working with multiple home buyers and home sellers, so you may not receive updates on a daily basis.

Communicate your desire for contact, and plan for contact once a week discussing your home purchase once an offer is on the table.

Rest assured that, if you have a quality buyer’s agent, you will be contacted when something changes in the process of buying your home.

Strong Negotiation Skills are the Foundation of a Good Buyer’s Agent

When you are ready to make an offer on a particular property, your agent’s skills will come into play in a big way. This is the point where your real estate agent will somewhat take over, helping you negotiate a fair price.

An agent with strong negotiation skills will be a true asset at this point in the process, helping protect you from paying too much for a home or giving up something of importance in the process.

For the first time home buyer, an agent is a crucial piece of the puzzle.

Find a team of real estate professionals who are dedicated to their buyers best interest. Expect up-to-date information about local real estate listings, current home values and understand the home purchase process with an experienced buyer’s agent.

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