The Ultimate Home Seller’s Checklist

Ultimate Home Seller's Checklist
Clean it up - Your home needs to be clean inside and out, and ready to be shown to a buyer on a moment's notice.

Has the time come to sell your home? As you prepare to enter the world of a home seller, here is the ultimate home seller’s checklist to help keep you on track.

5 First Steps to Take Before Listing Your Home for Sale:

  • Choose an agent – homes that sell the quickest are usually those who are marketed by a skilled real estate agent.
  • Make it safe – Prepare your home by making it safe for home buyers. Consider electrical safety, stairs, walkways and any other safety hazards.
  • Price it well – Look at your state’s assessment, which is typically around 95 percent of the fair market value, or talk to your real estate agent to price the home.
  • Make necessary upgrades – Greatly outdated appliances will lower home values, so consider upgrading where you need to.
  • Light it up – Add lighting to dark areas of the home to make it more inviting.

6 Second Steps to Take Before Listing Your Home for Sale.

  • Clean it up – Your home needs to be clean inside and out, and ready to be shown to a buyer on a moment’s notice.
  • Stage it – properties that are properly staged will look welcoming, spacious and inviting, so use your furniture and decor to your advantage.
  • Perform necessary repairs – Maintenance that you have been putting off needs to be completed before you list the home for sale.
  • DeclutterTake out clutter and personal items to make the home feel neutral & spacious.
  • Re-paint – Make sure your home is well painted, and in neutral colors, so it will show well.
  • Add curb appeal – Even small changes, like colorful flowers in a planter box, will catch the eye of potential buyers who are driving by in search of homes for sale.

4 Final Steps to Take Right After You List Your Home for Sale.

  • Be prepared – If a home buyer gives you 12 hours notice on a showing, and you are not prepared, you lose a potential sale, so always be prepared to show the home.
  • Keep it clean – Have a plan in place to keep your home clean for potential buyers to tour.
  • Have a place to go – For listings and open houses, it’s best if you (and your pets) are not on the property, so make plans to have a place to go.
  • Trust your agent – Trust that your agent has your best interests in mind and will market your home aggressively.

3 Important Steps to Take After You Receive an Offer on Your Home:

  • Ask your agent – Ask your agent what he or she thinks about the offer.
  • Negotiate – Don’t accept the offer without negotiating, as buyers expect a counter offer.
  • Prepare for closing – Have the keys, garage door openers and appliance manuals ready for your buyer at closing.

Are you ready to enter the real estate market?

As a home seller, a real estate agent is going to be one of your best advocates. Contact a local agent to ensure you have an aggressive marketer on your side using community contacts to sell your home quickly.

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Written by Stephanie Sonka

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